We love playing events, festivals and special occasions. Here's a compilation of video clips recorded by our fans from some of our performances. Although the sound quality isn't stellar on these videos, our harmonies are!



  • Jeff Poirier
    Stone Street Revival is, without a doubt, one of the most unique and talented bands in Mid-Michigan. Their vocals and musicianship are outstanding. They have a knack for choosing winning songs. Familiar hits, but not the same-old-same-old standard set list.
    Jeff Poirier
    Creator of The Band Roulette Charity Concert Series
  • Courtney Mead
    Stone Sreet Revival brought a great performance to Charlotte and the crowd was excited to hear their music. The band was not only great on performance night but very professional and attentive to work with prior to the event. Charlotte looks forward to having them return for years to come!
    Courtney Mead
    Executive Director, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
  • Shawn VanSteeland
    Just when they'd played the most amazing version of a great song that you don't often hear they would follow it up with another JUST AS AMAZING with a different lead singer!!  STRONG on harmonies and horns!   Just a fantastic band!
    Shawn VanSteeland
    Independent Festival Organizer and Talent Buyer - Lansing, MI
  • Selina Tisdale
    Dancing in the streets has never been so much fun!  In our 2020 Summer of Covid, a brilliant bright spot appeared with the music, entertainment, and overall good time that Stone Street Revival brought to Downtown Midland.  Some visitors couldn't help but dance; others just soaked in their favorite songs played by outstanding musicians and vocalists – but undeniably, all were happy they came out to experience Stone Street Revival. Be ready to answer the question "when are they coming back?" over and over again.
    Selina Tisdale
    Community Affairs Director, City of Midland / Downtown Midland